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Building the Makers of tomorrow

We've always been frustrated with the formal education system. Students are given a ridiculous amount of information (most of it useless) and then they're expected to regurgitate it all on one or two tests. It's no wonder we remember so little of what we're taught - it's just not very effective.

Sure, we have our fancy degrees, but the majority of what we know is self-taught. We're not saying formal education is completely unnecessary - just that it's not enough! We've found that people learn best by doing; trial-and-error has been our greatest teacher.

We started Creation Crate to give people a more practical way to learn - in a subject that's not getting nearly enough attention in traditional schooling. When most people think about careers in technology, the first thing that comes to mind is programmng. Not many people think about the hardware side of tech.

For most, its actually intimidating - sensors? robotics?

You'd have to be a genius to make that stuff work!

not true!

With Creation Crate, anyone can learn the basics of building electronics. We want people to see that it's not as complex as they think it is. Once you get started, it's like learning any skill - it takes time, but its doable!