Creation Crate is tech education-in-a-box! With Creation Crate, you can learn how to build electronics without any prior experience.

Creation Crate projects are a combination of building hardware and programming software with a focus on helping you understand how it works. Each month, you'll be given a new project that's slightly harder than the last.


Creation Crate is based in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Yes, we're Canadian, eh!

What's in the box?

Every box is going to be different depending on the project, but the 3 main components are: the UNO R3 (Arduino-compatible), which is like a pocket-sized computer, various components, and the instruction booklet.

The core sections of the instruction booklet are: Hardware, Programming, Common Errors, and Exercises. Each section contains detailed explanations of the steps. You'll also be given a password to access a project support page on this site!

What else do i need?

Everything you need is in the box!

The only other thing you'll need is access to a computer with internet and a USB port.

Who is it for?

Creation Crate is for everyone! (Well, almost)

The recommended age is 12+. The projects may be doable at a younger age with parental guidance.

But remember, it's not just for kids. Creation Crate is for anyone with an interest in building electronics!

Are there any shipping fees?

Nope, shipping is free worldwide!

*Note: Orders outside of North America may take 7-21 business days to arrive.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship all over the world!

*Note: Orders outside of North America may take 7-21 days to arrive.

How do I cancel my subscription?


Just log in to your account here: https://creationcrate.com/customer/login

From here, you can manage all of your subscription details.

*Note: cancelling only stops your current subscription from renewing.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can fill out our contact form or email us at [email protected]

Someone will get back to you ASAP!

How do I get a creation crate?

Just click 'BUY NOW' at the top of the page!