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With Creation Crate, the #1 STEM Kit for tweens, teens, and adults! Get education packed hands-on STEM projects delivered to your door.

Fun hands-on projects that teach you cutting edge STEM skills

Education packed online classroom that is easy to follow

All the needed components conveniently inside one kit

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Education Packed STEM Projects

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"These kits are the secret to becoming a STEM genius"

Raising a future scientist or engineer? They probably are bored at school (75% are). That's why we created a new approach to stimulating their mind at-home👇

Why hands-on projects? Because they are crazy fun and 15x more effective than learning something in a book 💪

BUT most projects on the internet are BORING 😴

You need projects that are fun, stimulating, AND challenging. Something that gives them STEM skills they can use in the REAL world.

That's why thousands of parents are turning to Creation Crate.

...And best of all: Your child will develop the skills needed to THRIVE in future STEM careers.

That be pretty awesome right? Your child unlocks cutting edge skills AND has a fun time doing it.

We created Creation Crate for parents that are looking for MORE fun, education, and challenges!

...So your child can learn new skills, FAST.

Explore Our Hands-on Courses

Electronics Beginner

Ages 12+

Learn electronics, coding, circuitry, and more with 18 fun hands-on electronic projects.


Electronics Challenger

Ages 12+

Put your electronic skills to the test with 4 challenging hands-on electronic projects.



Ages 10+

Learn engineering, electronics, and more by building a bio-mechanically controlled mech leg.



Ages 10+

Learn chemistry, scientific patterns, energy, and more with 20 fun hands-on experiments.


This Isn't Your Typical Subscription Box...

Most hands-on projects are underwhelming, lack educational value, or are designed for little kids.

Creation Crate's courses puts skill building first without feeling like a traditional lesson. It's the perfect challenge for sparking curiosity and laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

Step 1

Receive a kit with all the needed high quality components to build your project(s)

Step 2

Follow along the education packed online classroom with hours of video tutorials and challenges.

Step 3

Projects get more challenging as they unlock new cutting edge skills


Coding (C++)



Problem Solving

Critical Thinking

Learn New STEM Skills FAST With Our Award Winning Learning Process

Our secret sauce.. we combined hands-on projects and education-packed online lessons to create a learning experience that can prepare ANYONE for the STEM careers of tomorrow.

What Our Customers Say

“I studied IT - something I wanted to share with my autistic daughter. The first Creation Crate delivered everything I needed. My daughter powered her first LED just after watching our first video together... the smile on her face was the stuff of dreams... thank you for that. ”

Cine C.

Verified Buyer

“Most kits are aimed at the very young. Creation Crate challenges tweens and teens (and at least one adult!). If you are looking to teach or learn circuit building - this is THE box for teens.”

Justin D.

Verified Buyer

"My 13-year old son loves Creation Crate! He has a PS4, yet when the kit arrives, he jumps off those games and starts working on the new project."

Kenya T.

Verified Buyer

Creation Crate vs. The Other STEM Kits (Like Kiwico)

Other STEM kits focus on easy childish projects. Unlike the other kits, Creation Crate is designed to be education packed and challenging. It is stimulating enough to keep any tween/teen excited about learning electronics and coding.

Other STEM Kits

Education Packed

No Educational Lessons

Get Experience With High Quality Components

Snap on cheap parts

Learn How To Program In C++

No Coding



Prepares You For The Jobs Of Tomorrow

Keeps you "busy" for a little bit

Perfect For Tweens, Teens & Adults

Designed For Little Kids

Preview Some Of Our Education Packed Lessons






Discover Why Families Love The Challenge Of Creation Crate

The Smile On Her Face Was The Stuff Of Dreams

"Great parent-child projects with intuitive instructions and LOTS of support. Taking what we learned from Creation Crate, he built everyone in the family their own Bluetooth Speaker for Christmas!"

- Michael V.

So Happy My Kid Is Going From Gamer To Maker

"My 13-year old son loves Creation Crate! He has a PS4, yet when the kit arrives, he jumps off those games and starts working on the new project."

- Kenya L.

Perfect At-Home Learning Solution

As a homeschooling mom that travels with our family I have found this subscription box to be a perfect addition to our school. The Online Classroom is really impressive and my kids are learning so much so fast!

- Bonny T.

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