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How To Ignite A 

Passion For STEM

Help a loved one maximize their chances for success in life

Critical thinking.

It’s the lifeblood of success. Not just for school or careers, but for success in life.

It’s the difference between good choices and bad. Between being responsible and irresponsible. It can even mean the difference between life and death.

I know that last one sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true! Someone who thinks critically is less likely to do something dangerous because they’ll have thought through the consequences. The LAST thing any parent wants to hear is that something bad happened to their kid because they made a stupid decision.

It’s why we put so much emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). You can’t do well in STEM without being a critical thinker.

STEM forces you to think through each step one at time. It’s the ultimate catalyst to critical thinking - something we all want for our kids, whether it's a son, daughter, nephew or granddaughter.

Giving them the ability to think critically is the surest way we can set them up for success.

And the best way to get started in STEM is to get hands-on…

“Creation Crate is a wonderful product to have your kids discover tech and electronics."

— JL

Hands-on learning works because it's fun!

I’ve always believed that if you’re not having FUN, you’re not learning to your full potential.

It’s hard to sit there and watch a video of someone talking to you. That’s why the average online course only gets 10% completion rates.


But think about that time you were in science class and had to cut open a frog or burn different metals to see what colors they made. Those are the times we remember the MOST from our time in the classroom.

It’s just human nature.

Knowledge isn’t enough. It’s when we apply that knowledge that things REALLY start to make sense.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of kits out there for kids, teens, and even adults to learn about STEM in a hands-on way...

There's just one problem.

Not all STEM kits are created equal.

A lot of STEM kits will sell you with their videos. “Look how fun and interesting our projects are!”

But when they come in the mail, all you have is a few wooden parts that snap together in less than 5 minutes. (Talk about a let down.)

Many don't have any real education content. All you get is assembly instructions.

You end up feeling like you didn't get any VALUE.

The lack of quality and consistency in STEM kits is a problem that we saw...

That's why we made Creation Crate.

THE kit made to inspire the next generation of STEM

We designed projects and experiments that are fun, but are also challenging enough to make you use that noggin and develop those critical thinking skills.

You’re not just following step-by-step instructions like you’re building a piece of furniture from IKEA.

Each project has a corresponding online lesson filled with videos, exercises and challenges.

Forget about searching the internet for project ideas and parts, everything is included - we've done all the work for you!

A world-class introduction to STEM

Our award winning hands-on learning process is a SURE way to get someone started in STEM. By the time you finish our course, you'll have more hands-on experience than most electrical engineer college graduates.

What Our Customers Say

“I studied IT - something I wanted to share with my autistic daughter. The first Creation Crate delivered everything I needed. My daughter powered her first LED just after watching our first video together... the smile on her face was the stuff of dreams... thank you for that. ”

Cine C.

Verified Buyer

“Most kits are aimed at the very young. Creation Crate challenges tweens and teens (and at least one adult!). If you are looking to teach or learn circuit building - this is THE box for teens.”

Justin D.

Verified Buyer

"My 13-year old son loves Creation Crate! He has a PS4, yet when the kit arrives, he jumps off those games and starts working on the new project."

Kenya T.

Verified Buyer

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Here's a preview of some of the projects you'll build

With Creation Crate, you'll NEVER get bored. Each project gets a little bit more challenging while introducing new concepts. This way, you're ALWAYS getting just the right amount of challenge.

Mood Lamp

Start your journey by learning how to build a mood lamp! Your first challenge? Program the LEDs to change different colors - but only when it's dark.

Audio Visualizer

In project 8 you'll learn how to build an audio visualizer. This device takes sound and turns it into a visual display. Complete challenges and create your own light show!

FM Tuner

In your final project you'll build an FM tuner! Discover the power of radio waves and learn the basics of being an audio engineer.

Mood Lamp

Memory Game

Distance Detector

LED Dice Game

Optical Theremin

Two Player Reflex Game

Weather Station

Audio Visualizer

Lock Box

Digital Multimeter

Handheld Balance Game

Strength Gauge

Infrared Securityy System

Wireless Control Center

Laser Tripwire

Alarm Clock

RFID Reader

FM Tuner

Creation Crate has been inspiring
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"Finally, a fun, hands-on, and educational way to master the fundamentals of engineering."

- Robert G.

Just right!

"These projects are exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to gain more understanding of electrical functions and communication. The instruction videos are clear, the projects are challenging yet achievable - can't wait to do more!"

- Chelsea H.

Perfect At-Home Learning Solution

As a homeschooling mom that travels with our family I have found this subscription box to be a perfect addition to our school. The Online Classroom is really impressive and my kids are learning so much so fast!

- Bonny T.