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Weather Station


Ever wonder how meteorologists measure temperature, air pressure, heat index, and other environmental factors? Discover the technology behind environmental science by building your very own Weather Station!

In this kit you will learn how to build and program a Weather Station that collects environmental data like temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

Includes all the real world components you will need along with an education packed Online Classroom.

What you will learn:

  • Environmental science (Sea Level Pressure, Altitude Measurements, and Heat Index)
  • How to use popular electronic components like a microcontroller, barometric pressure sensor, digital temperature sensor, and a LCD Screen.
  • Programming in C++
  • Wire integrated circuits
  • Programming in C++
  • How to program shapes and graphics on the LCD Screen

What you will receive:

  • All the components you need, which include an UNO R3, breadboard, DHT11 Module with LED, BMP180 Sensors, Nokia 51110 LCD Display, 9v Battery, Nuts, Screws, and Jumper Wires.
  • Access to an online classroom with education packed video tutorials, challenges, exercises, and learning resources to help you build your Weather Station.
  • Support from our STEM educators to help you troubleshoot any obstacles
  • Shipments are usually received within 3-5 business days of transit in the US and Canada
  • International shipments can spend 8-21 days in transit depending on your location
  • Shipping price will vary by shipping location.

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