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    "Whether you're 12 or 75, you know you're learning the good stuff."

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    "Not only fun, but educational too!"

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    "Re-thinking education through hands-on learning"

  • "What better gift could a parent give their child than the gift of inspiration and education?"

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How It Works

Choose a subject. You'll find different STEM subjects for kids, teens, and even adults.

Delivered to your door. Receive a kit with all the real world tools and components you need to build.

Unlock new skills. Projects get more challenging as you build more confidence and skills.


Learning by doing is 15x more effective than passive learning techniques like reading or lectures.

Our Tried and True Learning Process

Our secret sauce.. we combined hands-on projects and education-packed online lessons to create a learning experience that can prepare ANYONE for the STEM careers of tomorrow.

  • Hands-on

    Build awesome projects that are fun whether you're looking for a new hobby or pursuing a STEM career.

  • Online Classroom

    Go deep into the "why" with video tutorials, challenges, and more learning resources to help you master first principles.

  • Self-paced

    Go fast or go slow, it's up to you! Projects get more challenging as you build confidence and unlock new skills.

  • Buying for a school?

    Contact support@creationcrate.com and we'd be happy to give you a custom quote!


So Happy My Kid Is Going From Gamer To Maker

"My 13-year old son loves Creation Crate! He has a PS4, yet when the kit arrives, he jumps off those games and starts working on the new project."

- Kenya L.


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not just for kids!

“Most kits are aimed at the very young. Creation Crate challenges tweens and teens (and at least one adult!). If you are looking to teach or learn circuit building - this is THE box for teens.”

- Justin D.


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Perfect At-Home Learning Solution

As a homeschooling mom that travels with our family I have found this subscription box to be a perfect addition to our school. The Online Classroom is really impressive and my kids are learning so much so fast!

- Bonny T.


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