Our Story

Creation Crate Founders

Meet Chris, Ryan, and David.

3 entrepreneurs and a STEM educator who always felt that the average classroom was missing…something.

Here’s how Chris puts it:

Have you ever tried to learn something new? 

Maybe you’ve tried learning how to paint. Or how to play tennis. Or maybe it was a martial art like brazilian jiu jitsu.

Chances are you’ve probably turned to YouTube at some point to find an instructional. Someone with experience to show you the ropes.

And if you’ve done this, you know that just watching a video isn’t enough.

You can watch someone explain how to hit a drop shot in excruciating detail…but that doesn’t mean you know how to do it. 

You have to put in hours of deliberate practice.

And that’s the thing that’s missing from a lot of classrooms and online courses.

In my own experience growing up, my classes were always focused on knowledge. Read this. Remember that. And if you can pass this multiple choice test, congratulations! You’ve conquered this subject.

But I didn’t feel like I conquered anything.

I felt like I cheated. Like I memorized a bunch of things to do well on a test just for all of that information to flood out of my mind and into the abyss.

On the other hand, there were a few things that I did feel like I was conquering outside of school. Muay thai, poker (I played professionally for 5 years), and business skills (which is ironic because I was going to school for business).

It made me think. Why do I feel like I’m learning more outside of the classroom than in it? Isn’t the whole point of the classroom to learn?

And that’s when it hit me. I felt like I was learning the most when I was doing the thing I was trying to learn.

Knowledge is great, but if you’re not applying it, it’s not very useful.

That’s why we founded Creation Crate. We combined e-Learning with hands-on projects so you’re not just gathering knowledge, you’re putting it to use. Plus it’s just way more fun. Who doesn’t want to build their own bluetooth speaker?

Our mission is to find creative ways to teach all kinds of subjects through hands-on learning. So far we’ve launched curriculums in Electronics, Chemistry, and Engineering. Stay tuned for what’s next ;)