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7 Awesome Arduino Halloween Projects To Try At-Home

Written by: Creation Crate Crew



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Discover a world of spook-tacular creativity with these 7 Awesome Arduino Halloween Projects to Try At-Home. Dive into the realm of DIY Halloween magic as we unearth the most bewitching and electrifying Arduino Halloween projects. 

1. Spooky Teddy Self Rocking Chair

The "Spooky Teddy" project is a two-part Halloween decoration that combines technology and eerie charm. The first part features a teddy bear with a unique twist: it includes a 3D-printed mechanism that can rotate, all thanks to an Arduino UNO and a solenoid. The second part of this spook-tacular creation is a self-rocking chair, brought to life by an Arduino Nano and a solenoid attached beneath the chair. What makes this project even more versatile is that both parts can operate independently. Control is at your fingertips through a remote, allowing for effortless manipulation of this haunted duo. Alternatively, you can set it up to respond to motion, making it a perfect addition to any Halloween setup. Whether you want a rotating teddy, a rocking chair, or both, the "Spooky Teddy" has you covered for Halloween thrills.

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2. Arduino Ouija Board

The project at hand is a fascinating addition to a family's growing home-built animatronics display, paying homage to the horror genre and Halloween films, inspired by none other than Stephen King. At its eerie heart lies a mystifying Ouija Board, a gateway to the spirit world. This Ouija Board is no ordinary one; it's controlled through the Arduino's USB port, offering multiple options for interaction, including the IDE serial monitor and a PS2 keyboard. Even a book can transmit pre-stored phrases to summon spirits through the serial ports, allowing for unattended operation, a necessity for large crowds. To enhance visibility, an LCD title page complements the Ouija Board, providing a unique, budget-friendly alternative to conventional CNC controllers. Utilizing common materials from Home Depot and cabinet drawer slides, this project thrives on affordability and creativity, while its enclosure size accommodates the mechanics and extends beyond the Ouija board's dimensions, ensuring a perfect blend of mystique and innovation for Halloween enthusiasts.

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3.  Automatic Candy Dispenser

This Halloween candy dispenser is your secret weapon for avoiding those relentless trick-or-treaters. Crafted with a dash of spook and a sprinkle of humor, it employs not one but two servos for an epic candy delivery experience. One servo opens the chute, while the other playfully stirs the treats, ensuring no sweets get stuck. 

4. Talking Halloween Skeleton

This arduino halloween project is a thrilling Halloween decor concept that combines technology and spookiness by bringing a skeleton to life! To build this eerie creation, you'll need an assortment of components, including an Arduino board, a servo motor, an audio amplifier, a speaker, and a PIR motion sensor. The skeleton figure itself is mounted on a stand with a servo-driven head and arms, giving it the ability to move realistically. The Arduino is programmed to trigger speech and sound effects, making the skeleton talk and interact with onlookers. 

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5. Monster In A Box

Behold the monster of arduino halloween projects – a box of electrifying fright and ingenious craftsmanship. It's a wickedly clever creation that combines the art of suspense and surprise with the magic of technology. Picture this: a box that growls, thrashes, and emits an eerie smoke, all under the command of a PIR sensor and the Arduino. The Adafruit Wave Shield orchestrates this sinister symphony, while a windshield wiper motor and a smoke machine bring forth the spine-tingling movement and smoke. Thanks to the builder extraordinaire, Craig Jameson, this arduino halloween project boasts a colossal speaker inside, ensuring it's not just creepy but also ear-piercingly loud!


Now, for those who find the grand scale of this project a tad daunting, worry not. You have the power to tailor the fear factor to your liking by downsizing the spectacle. Swap out the smoke machine for a fountain fogger and opt for a smaller motor, and voila, your very own monster in a box is ready to spook and surprise, making your Halloween festivities truly electrifying!

6. Arduino Dropping Spider

This arduino halloween project will be sure to scare trick or treaters (especially those with arachnophobia). The dropping spider is triggered by a PIR motion sensor mounted on a Jackolantern and controlled by an arduino MCU. The motion sensor triggers a dropping spider, lights, sounds, low laying fog and finally a tweet with a picture attached so you can remember the best scares!

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7. Arduino Servo Pumpkin Eyes

This arduino halloween project is all about creating a mesmerizing automated display of spooky pumpkin eyes. It starts by cutting a large access hole at the bottom of the pumpkin and then drilling random holes to simulate the eyes' eerie gaze. A key component here is the "eye socket" made from a modified PVC coupling, designed to house the spooky eyes. To attach these eyes, you drill a small hole in the center and connect them using bailing wire. These spooky eyes are then connected to servos, which are in turn mounted inside the pumpkin. All these servo-eye assemblies are secured inside the pumpkin, and the electronics are connected using an Arduino board, with the code generating random eye movements for a thrilling effect. This project transforms a simple pumpkin into an arduino halloween masterpiece that's sure to enchant your Halloween festivities.