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Learn By Doing.Follow the classroom and learn the basics of engineering by building a bio-mechanically controlled mech leg.

↓ What you'll be building ↓

Step 1: Mechanics

Build the alpha leg of your own mini mech.

Step 2: Electronics

Add electronic control to the mech leg.

Step 3: Control

Add biomechanical control to your mech leg.


"Finally, a fun, hands-on, and educational way to master the fundamentals of engineering."

- Robert G. -






 Control Systems


Receive a microcontroller, breadboard, sensors and all the needed components and parts to build an exo-glove and mech leg.


Each project comes with video tutorials, learning resources, challenges, and other material to help you get a deep understanding in the first principles of engineering.

Learn from the pros

We partnered with Exosapien to create this course, the makers of the world's LARGEST four-legged mech suit!

The perfect challenge for kids, teens, and adults!

Easy enough for kids (ages 10+) with little to no experience and challenging enough even for adults.

A great way to bond with family and pass down the enthusiasm you have for engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

The Engineering Course is recommended for ages 10+ but can be completed by a wide range of learners. The Engineering Course is for:

  • Children as young as 8 years old can complete each step with a parent.
  • Teens who want to create an awesome project and learn about mechanical, electrical, and control engineering.
  • Parents who want their children to develop a strong foundation in STEM.
  • Hobbyists who want to learn new skills and concepts in engineering or refresh their knowledge.
  • College students who desire hands-on experience in engineering that they aren’t getting from school.
  • 65 year old retirees wanting to keep their mind sharp and be tech literate
  • Adults who want to stay ahead of the curve of tomorrow’s technology.

What's inside?

You’ll receive all the components you need to complete each step, delivered directly to your door. We send you everything to build a fully-functional mechatronic leg, so endless trips to the store are a thing of the past.

Do I need any prior experience?

No experience is necessary. You can start the course as a complete beginner. The Engineering Course, like all Creation Crate courses, is progressively challenging.

The course covers the basics in Step 1, and then introduces more information and new concepts that build on what you’ve already learned in the previous steps.

What programming language will I learn?

The Engineering Course teaches programming using the Arduino language (C/C++). We focus on teaching real-world skills used in everyday tech careers.

What components will I learn about?

This course introduces you to a wide range of electronic components, from microcontrollers to ExoGloves, motion sensors, and everything in between.

What's inside the online classroom?

The Online Classroom is where you'll get step-by-step instructions, detailed video demonstrations, and one-on-one guidance.

Each lesson walks you through how to assemble your components and clearly explains the key concepts that allow the technology to function.

Do you offer any support?

We offer one on one support through email, phone, and video!

No matter what problem you are trying to troubleshoot, Creation Crate will get on a call with you and go step by step through your project until it is completed.

That is our promise to you!

When will I get my first shipment?

We ship projects within 2-4 days of purchase. Shipments are usually received within 3-5 business days of transit in the US and Canada. Order by December 18th to make sure your order arrives by December 25th. Please be advised that shipping in the holidays may be subject to delays from carriers. International shipments spend 8-21 days in transit.

How do I measure my glove size?

To get your glove size, measure the length from the tip of your middle finger to the end of your palm.

What is the return policy?

Free & Easy Returns! If you aren’t happy, you are able to refund and return your kit within 14 days after shipment. Have a missing or broken part? Get spare parts sent to you for FREE! There’s a reason people say our “customer support is the best EVER”. If there is an issue or problem, we will make it right.

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