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What's Included

Did you know that Chemistry is considered the central science? 

From the periodic table to oxidation to endothermic reactions and more, learn the fundamentals of chemistry while performing mind-blowing (yet safe) experiments at home!

Experiment 1 - Flame Test

Learn about the differences in metals by burning them! See what colors different metals make and why.

Experiment 2 - Burning Magnesium

Did you know that magnesium is what was used to create 19th-century flash photography? In this experiment you'll learn how and why!

(3) Lemon Battery, (4) Daniell Galvanic Cell, (5) Metal Reactions, (6) Dissolving Foil, (7) Electrolyzer, (8) Volcanic Eruption, (9) DIY Hand Warmer, (10) Thermal Mystery, (11) Artificial Frost, (12) Pure Oxygen, (13) Zinc Carbon Battery, (14) Tin Tree, (15) Starches, (16) Blue Magic, (17) Color Change Magic, (18) pH All Around Us, (19) Starch Detector, (20) Egyptian Night.

What you'll learn:

  1. The organization of the Periodic Table of the Elements.
  2. How to Identify where the metals and non-metals are located on the Periodic Table.
  3. The structure of an atom and the importance of valence electrons.
  4. How to distinguish between atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds.
  5. The difference been ionic and covalent bonds.
  6. The importance of charged particles in reactions.
  7. Why metals are good conductors of electricity.
  8. The purpose of an electrolyte solution in battery experiments.
  9. And so much more!

What you'll get:

  • Chemistry Starter Kit - Safety goggles (2), macro lens (1), smartphone stand (1), plastic funnel (1), pocket stove (1), plastic tray (1), plastic beaker (1), glass beaker (1), glass flask (1), disposable cup (14), safety manual (1).
  • Materials for experiments - Nitrile gloves, thermochromic stickers, magnesium strips, copper powder, tin powder, zinc powder, wooden splints, dropper bottles, dozens of different chemical solutions, and more!
  • Unlimited access to the online classroom. Filled with videos, text, graphics, exercises, and challenges.
  • Everything is included. You don't need any additional tools (except a computer with internet and a lemon).
  • Appropriate for Ages 10+.

Bonus Items:

  • Purchase all 20 experiments at once and get:
    • A FREE Chemistry Starter Kit ($25 value)
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Ages 10 to adult

Created by professionals certified product developed by a team of STEM educators and curriculum developers.

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Perfect for Tweens, teens and adults!

Everything you need is included!

Creation Crate has been great for my science club!! The experiments are exactly the hands-on activities that my students appreciate and the online Chemistry lessons are very well made. Even their customer service is very responsive and helpful.


- Pablo K.
Steam Powered Family

One of the best lessons I have ever seen on the periodic table of elements.


- Steam Powered Family
Smarter Learning Guide

Unlike many other chemistry sets that are content to wow students with some interesting color or state changes, these are fairly in-depth and high quality, exploring important concepts in chemistry, such as reactivity, bonds, exothermic/endothermic reactions, chemical equations and more.


- Smarter Learning Guide

Experiments from the curriculum

A sneak peek at what you'll get to create!

Flame Test

Learn about the periodic table and jumping valence electrons while seeing the different colors metals can make.

Burning Magnesium

Learn what makes magnesium the metal behind 19th-century flash photography. What does the Lewis dot structure have to do with it?

Lemon Battery

Can you use lemons to power an entire house?? Let's learn about metals reactivity before you try that!

Daniell Galvanic Cell

Recreate one of the world's first batteries! Learn how a salt bridge makes this different than the lemon battery.

Metals Reactivity

Now that you have a little background knowledge, get ready to perform an experiment where you'll be able to actually see the changes taking place during a displacement reaction.

Dissolving Foil

In this experiment, you will be setting up an example of how metals have the ability to corrode other metals.  

DIY Hand Warmer

Learn all about exothermic reactions while making your own Hand Warmer!

Thermal Contradiction

We just used this chemical to create a hand warmer...we can also use it to make ice?? Is that an exothermic or endothermic reaction?


What happens when you use electricity to split chemical bonds? In this experiment we'll learn about electrolysis and combustion.

Volcanic Eruption

You've learned that most chemical reactions have an effect on temperature. Let's take it to the next level by changing the rate of reaction!

Artifical Frost

What happens when molecules collide? Let's learn about collision theory in this experiment.

Pure Oxygen

Investigate another way chemical reactions can be sped up by learning about something called a catalyst.

Zinc-Carbon Battery

Welcome to your next adventure in chemistry as we get acquainted with Oxidation-Reduction reactions, also known as redox reactions.

Tin Tree

Let's revisit electrolysis! This time we're going to use it to grow crystals.


Let's use our knowledge of redox reactions to create messages that magically appear!

Blue Magic

You're becoming quite the chemistry magician!

This next experiment is also a redox reaction, but with a slight twist.

Magic Rainbow

Now we're going to learn about a special chemical called an indicator.  An indicator detects the concentration of H+ ions or OH- ions.

Color Change Magic

Is it acidic or alkaline? See what happens when we add different chemicals to the indicator!

Finding Mr. Potato Head

Starch is a carbohydrate, but what is a carbohydrate and where do they come from?

Day and Night

This experiment includes starch, iodine and a color change - but probably not one that you would expect. Use everything you've learned to make a prediction!


Chemistry Starter Kit

All the tools you'll need for every experiment!

$70+ Value


  • Safety goggles (x2)
  • Macro lens (x1)
  • Smartphone stand (x1)
  • Plastic funnel (x1)
  • Pocket stove (x1)
  • Plastic tray (x1)
  • Plastic beaker (x1)
  • Glass beaker (x1)
  • Glass flask (x1)
  • Disposable cup (x14)
  • Safety manual (x1)

$25 one-time with monthly subscription.

FREE with all 20 experiments at-once.

A Sample from the classroom certified Creation Crate is in the top 5% of STEM products according to, the largest STEM certification organization in the world!
Produced in the usa All of our kits are assembled and fulfilled out of our warehouse in Columbus, GA.
Stuck on a problem? Whether it's an issue with your order or you need help troubleshooting a project, has your back!
  • certified Creation Crate is in the top 5% of STEM products according to, the largest STEM certification organization in the world!
  • Produced in the usa All of our kits are assembled and fulfilled out of our warehouse in Columbus, GA.
  • Stuck on a problem? Whether it's an issue with your order or you need help troubleshooting a project, has your back!

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Recommended for ages 10+... but we’ve seen it all.

  • Children as young as 8 years old completing the project with a parent
  • College students wanting an extra hands on learning experience they aren't getting in university
  • Parents wanting to create meaningful experiences with their teenagers
  • Homeschool parents wanting to include chemistry in their curriculum
  • Adults wanting to start a new interesting hobby
  • 65 year old retirees wanting to keep their mind sharp

Everything you need to complete the experiments! This includes various (very safe) chemicals and materials depending on the experiment you're doing.

No experience necessary! You can start as a complete beginner and have no problem finishing (and understanding) the first project.

Inside the Online Classroom you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to perform the experiments, and video tutorials.

You'll also get an overview of common mistakes, exercises to test your new knowledge, and a messaging board to help troubleshoot and answer any questions you have.

We offer one-on-one support through email, phone, and video!

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